We are here so no one has to face Parkinson’s alone

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“I live with Parkinson’s rather than suffer from it.”
Ted Horgan

“My wife says I am like a box of chocolates, she never quite knows what she is going to get on a given day”
Tony Wilkinson
“It’s a condition where you’re at your worst when you want to be at your best.”
“People aren’t fully aware of the nature of Parkinson’s … they would view it as mental difficulty as opposed to a physical one.”
“Parkinson’s manifests itself differently in all of us. My particular brand is defined by particularly visual symptoms which are balanced perfectly by a strong and cheerful attitude which many would describe as ‘blind optimism’.”
Tom Isaacs, author of Shaken Not Stirred
“90% health care happens outside the hospital.
90% funding is allocated to the hospital.”