Wireless monitoring in Parkinson’s

Within the PDRC, the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation is currently co-leading, along with the Tyndall National Institute for ICT hardware and systems, two projects on the use of wireless monitoring for Parkinson’s disease. With European and Enterprise Ireland funding, we are exploring the value of continuous monitoring as part of overall PD healthcare.

Working closely with the Cork Parkinson’s Association, we have established what is important to a person with Parkinson’s in a monitoring device (thanks to you – with a paper soon to be published on this important information for other researchers and device designers). Again, with some of you having kindly acted as volunteers to be videoed, we have shown that clinicians’ ratings of hand movements vary widely (!!), and we are now exploring the accuracy of devices to augment the clinicians’ ratings in clinic, and to allow longer-term monitoring at home. For example, this may help to differentiate low blood pressure or fatigue from true “off” periods, and may reduce the need to fill out complex symptom diaries.

As well as hand function, we are now exploring the monitoring of blood pressure, gait, and sleep.

If you would like further information about this ongoing research, or if you are interested in participating, please contact Lorna Kenny at the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation.
Email: lorna.kenny@ucc.ie

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