Parkinson’s skin-swab test ‘in sight’

It is always great to hear some good news relating to developments in Parkinson’s and it has just been announced that a simple skin-swab test could be used to help diagnose PD. Join us on our Cork Connect Zoom meeting on Monday 15th @ 11.00 where we will be talking about this ground-breaking discovery and explore what it could mean to us. We will be showing how this all came about and hearing from Joy Milne, the lady who can smell Parkinson’s and how it led to this amazing discovery. Joy undertook blind tests of her odour-detecting skills and it was found that she was 100% accurate.  Studies with volunteers show the swabs can quickly detect tell-tale compounds in sebum – the oily substance that protects the skin. People with Parkinson’s can have higher than usual levels of these.

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