Arlene Williams Fund-raising in Malaysia for Bandon!

My family and I are delighted to contribute a donation to the Parkinson Association of Bandon in memory of Elizabeth (Betty) Williams.

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For everyone in the world it had been a long and challenging time. Covid has tested us in areas that we did not realise we had the reserves to surmount. This and other factors prompted me to address the need to focus my mental health and fitness, inspiring me to undertake a personal goal to complete a 100-mile challenge. I completed this on my bike within the precinct that I live, surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve and encouraged by the local cats, pigeons and monkeys!

During my cycling I had time to reminisce and reflect on many things, but Mum always took priority in the forefront of my thoughts. I especially remember her telling me that when she was newly married, she used to bike to work and that her hands were always brown, but her fingers remained white! This very private lady, who always looked after others and gave generously to those in need is why I decided that I would like my family and I to honour her on the day that would have been her 85th birthday today, 11th April.

We are extremely grateful to Arlene for her imaginative fund-raising activity. The Williams family are very generous donors and supporters of Parkinson’s. The money raised by the family in memory of Betty will be used to purchase laptops for our support group. This means that People living with Parkinson’s in the Bandon area will be able to connect to our virtual calls and meetings giving them access they would not have otherwise.

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