Our Parkinson’s Awareness Week Conference – Amazing success story!

We would like to thank Dr Sean O’Sullivan, Dr Ruth McCullagh, Dr Emma O’Shea and Prof Suzanne Timmons for their very engaging and thoughtful presentations. We have received fantastic feedback from attendees who found the topics covered meaningful and reflected their own experiences. What really made the difference for our attendees is that the session felt warm and inclusive and relevant to them.

Of course, in many ways, the highlight of the day was CPAs announce of a $50,000 donation to the Parkinson’s Disease Research Cluster (PDRC). You may have seen this covered in the local press.

The Q&A session in the evening was very thought provoking and was a great opportunity for us to understand how we can address the lack of focus on Parkinson’s Disease in Ireland. We discussed the importance of raising our profile with the Government and HSE and the crucial role lobbying our TDs plays in achieving our goals. We now understand the timetable for funding and when we need to target our resources so we have visibility and a voice in the budget process. This was the first time we tried a Q&A session and it was so successful that we are considering more in the future.

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