Glove Technology update

Our good friend and supporter, Lorna Kenny researcher at UCC is conducting further research and will be testing the glove device for the next few weeks on Friday afternoons at St Finbarr’s hospital. Many of us have been involved in testing this before and if you are interested and would like to take part in the trial you can contact Lorna here. You can contact Lorna on 0851085070 or email Lorna.Kenny@ucc.ie. I am definitely in!

This is a reminder of the project we are involved with.

This project is assessing the potential role of wearable technology in the treatment of people with Parkinson’s Disease, especially those living in remote areas. We have two main goals. First, we want to understand what design features are important to people with Parkinson’s Disease – can we design a device that suits their needs? Second, we will evaluate the accuracy of existing devices to measure hand motor functions in people with Parkinson’s Disease. With this information, we hope to develop a novel wearable device that can accurately measure hand motor function and relay that information back to Parkinson’s Disease specialists.

We trialled the wrist-worn motion sensor and the prototype glove with 20 volunteers. The volunteers performed a series of movements and the devices collected data on tremor and bradykinesia. This data will increase device accuracy and contribute to future developments. So far, we have shown that clinicians vary in their rating of hand movements, particularly for hand bradykinesia more than tremor. This could be improved by using a device to measure hand movement function. We are also looking to see if we can better standardise how clinicians rate hand movement. Click here for more information on the research work being undertaken by PDRC.

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