Congratulations Ciara and Una on completing the Cork Mini Marathon. CPA are very grateful to you both for raising funds and awareness of Parkinson’s. Donation page is still open so you can still recognise Ciara and Una’s achievement!

Una and Mum Ciara after completing the Mini Marathon.

Like many people I didn’t know much about Parkinson’s disease until a very dear friend of our family was diagnosed with it. I was very surprised to learn just how many different aspects there are to the disease and how no two people will exhibit the same symptoms or follow the same path. In addition to some of the more visible symptoms like tremor and difficulty walking people can also experience slowness of movement, freezing and sleep issues.

We still do not have a cure for Parkinson’s disease, so it was great to find Cork Parkinson’s Association and see what fantastic support they offer to people throughout the county who have this disease. For this reason, I have chosen to run the Cork Echo Mini Marathon on September 19th to raise funds for CPA to help them continue the amazing work they are doing. This is my donation page, please feel free to share with your friends and family.

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