Patients-led visit to Leinster House 6 July

This was our last chance before the summer recess to get our TDs and Senators to put pressure on the Cork/Kerry HSE budget setters to make sure that the specialist nurses promised are in this year’s budget submission, particularly those for CUH. It was such a pleasure and a huge boost when our fellow PD travellers in the Dublin local group and YPI joined us on the day. A number of TDs came out to meet us as we demonstrated at the gates and many of us got an opportunity to speak to them in person.

A number of us then went to the AV room in Leinster House while our members continued to fly the flag at the main gates. This was hosted by Michael Collins, TD Cork South-West who is a staunch supporter of improving care for PWP. The panel of speakers in the AV room were Richelle Flanagan, Gary Boyle, Dr Yudy Llamas (Consultant Neurologist – Mater Hospital) and Tony Wilkinson. The TDs in the room were very engaged and it was really rewarding to hear how well they understood the issues for PWPs and how the lack of specialist nurses impact us. This bears witness to the trojan work we have done over the past few months both with the ‘Patients Deserve Better’ campaign and individually by reaching out to our local TDs, using social media and engaging the huge Parkinson’s network across the world. It has been a arduous task and has taken a lot of commitment from those involved.

Read this amazing story from Ivan and Eleanor O’Sullivan who joined us with their two young children to demonstrate outside Leinster House. Click here for the story ‘There’s nobody to call’: Parkinson’s patients seek more supports – Cork Examiner 05/07/2022

Parkinson’s impacts everyone in the family
Some of the Rebels leaving Cork on Wed morning
Panel speakers bringing the message to TDs in the AV room in Leinster House (Richelle Flanagan, Tony Wilkinson, Dr Yudy Llamas, Gary Boyle
Outside Leinster House
Engaging our TDs
Some of the many posters driving home the message
Focus on Parkinson’s Special Nurses
Padraig O’Sullivan TD – Cork North-Central – an active supporter of PWP
Some of our friends from the Dublin local group and YPI
Making sure Stephen Donnelly gets the message.Is Stephen Donnelly on board with the specialist nurses plan? Tony asking him what his legacy will be!

Congratulations to Richelle Flanagan on getting more than 5,000 names for her petition ‘Proper care for people living with Parkinson’s Disease’. This petition will be sent to Stephen Donnelly, Michael Martin, Mary Lou McDonald, David Cullinane and many more.

Since tweeting the picture of Graham Norton supporting CPA we have 4,700 hits which shows that people are really interested in Parkinson’s and as Richelle’s petition has shown, we are raising awareness and a groundswell of support.

3 people living with Parkinson’s and the support of those close to them have driven this “Patient-led initiative” forward. We have demonstrated what can be achieved with dynamic leadership and a shared vision and purpose.

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