Treating Parkinson’s Disease with Laser Light Therapy

Tonight, February 14th at 9.00 pm there is a webinar on the PD laser care device which we have discussed a few times on calls. This is for clinicians but Mark is happy for us to listen in. I will certainly be there. If you are interested in getting the device after the call, email me on and I will send you the details.

SYMBYX Biome devices are the only medically approved laser devices in the world for a reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms.

Learn about new ground-breaking research and treatment protocols for reducing motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms using medical-grade laser devices suitable for both clinical and home-use.

In this webinar for clinicians, Clinical Services Team Lead, Dr. Mike Hobbs (Chiro), will discuss:

Reducing motor and non-motor PD symptoms

Treating PD via the gut-brain axis

Helmets vs handheld approaches

Applying laser therapy in clinical practice

Dr Mike Hobbs will be joined by Dr Wayne Markman, CEO of SYMBYX, for the Q&A.

Click here to join the call

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