Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2023. Podcasts

Today, April 15th, Lisa Wynne talks about her role as a Parkinson’s specialist nurse and the importance of Knowledge, Education, Medication, Exercise and Support (KEMES). Click here to listen.

April 14th, Kate Wilkinson, talks about the role of a carer for someone living with Parkinson’s. Click here to listen.

April 13th, Richelle Flanagan, talks about living with Parkinson’s and the amazing initiatives she is driving to raise awareness. Click here to listen.

April 12th, Jerome Maume, talks about living with Parkinson’s and how EMMA helps him through it. Click here to listen.

April 11th, Annmarie O’Connor shares the story of her early on-set Parkinson’s diagnosis. Click here to listen.

“Narrowing The Void” is a UCC podcast that discusses all things science, health and medicine by interviewing inspiring scientists, doctors and patients.

Tony and Kate Wilkinson share their living with Parkinson’s story. Click here to listen.

Professor Aideen Sullivan is head of the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at UCC. She leads an active research group, focused on novel approaches to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Here Aideen discusses recent advances in the research field, the importance of collaborating with patient groups and developing the new BSc in Medical and Health Sciences degree at UCC. Click here to listen.

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