Parkinson’s, Pesticides and Farming

This week’s Agriland has an article on the potential link between Parkinson’s Disease and exposure to pesticides on Irish Farms. The Parkinson’s Disease Research Centre (PDRC) in UCC are collaborating with CPA to drive forward the study and we are sure many of our members will be delighted to participate in this ground-breaking project. Click…


Glove Technology update

Our good friend and supporter, Lorna Kenny researcher at UCC is conducting further research and will be testing the glove device for the next few weeks on Friday afternoons at St Finbarr’s hospital. Many of us have been involved in testing this before and if you are interested and would like to take part in…

Wireless monitoring in Parkinson’s

Within the PDRC, the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation is currently co-leading, along with the Tyndall National Institute for ICT hardware and systems, two projects on the use of wireless monitoring for Parkinson’s disease. With European and Enterprise Ireland funding, we are exploring the value of continuous monitoring as part of overall PD healthcare.