Waterford – joining forces to support People with Parkinson’s

Our good friends in the Waterford Parkinson’s group are in the process of developing a new website for their members. In the meantime, we are providing a page on the CPA website to get them up and running until their own site is operational.

Under the brilliant leadership of Bernadette, the Waterford group has been revitalised with new programmes and activities. Their members now have laptops and are able to connect with each other as never before. For this reason, their own website is vital as it will allow them to share up-to-date information on their activities and events in a timely way.

CPA and Waterford will continue to work together in a mutually supportive way. A reciprocal approach will allow us to expand our networks and benefit from each other’s activities and programmes offering more choice for our members.

The Big Four Fundraiser

In times of doubt and fear which the Covid-19 pandemic brought to our shores, four young men from Lismore Co. Waterford decided it was about time to do something positive, brave and charitable. Click here to read their story.

Gavin Moloney, Jack Coffey, Keith Power and Tadgh Lyons